Saturday, August 10, 2013

Enjoying the Now My Friends.

So, I've been thinking a lot about change lately and I realized, I'm kind of the master of change...but maybe in a bad way. For the last three years I've moved every 4 months...and let me tell you, it is not the easiest task. Let me give you a breakdown before I continue, just for my entertainment. So to start, right after I graduated high school my parents moved from Utah to Santa Barbara. From there it went:

August 2010-Santa Barbara to the dorms at BYU
January 2011- The dorms to Raintree Apts in Provo
April 2011- Provo to Santa Barbara
August 2011-Santa Barbara to Hawaii
January 2012-Hawaii to Provo
April 2012-Provo to Highland
August 2012- Highland to Santa Barbara
January 2012- Santa Barbara to Provo
April 2013- Into a new house in Provo

And now me and Ryan are moving one more time to a new house in Provo :)

BUT this time we'll be here for a YEAR! You guys...I've never been so excited in my whole life...that might be a lie, but I'm really excited. I realized all this change was doing something funky to me. And this is where the bad master of change comes in...I started living in this transition mode...also stuck in a temporary frame of mind and it totally made me miss out on a lot of opportunities. Opportunities like making lasting important relationships, making commitments, investing in people and communities...I was always preparing for the next step instead of living here and now and creating a life where I'm at. So NOW, I know that just staying somewhere for a little longer isn't going to fix everything, but I'm determined to change my frame of mind. LIVING HERE AND NOW MY FRIENDS!!! And I'm so excited about it.

But, let me clarify one thing. I think change is so good. I think it helps us grow, it tests us, and it gives us a sense of progression. If you haven't switch things up lately; if you haven't reached beyond your cozy zone GET OUT THERE!! There's just so much learning to be learned from change :)

Lastly...I had to share some pictures of the cute little house we're moving out of...I love it so much it kills me. French doors, arches, piping....YOU GUYS! It's a dream. But, it's okay our new house is totally more awesome...just not as snuggly. Pictures of the new house will come later :)


 This is the first thing you see when you walk in...

 It's iddy biddy, but so cozy (and the arches..eeeeeee!).

French doors you guys...


  1. my goodness,so cute! Can't handle it!

  2. wait, WHY are you moving?! you know how obsessed i am with that cozy apartment!

    1. I know right? It's the saddest. But we're just subletting right now, so another couple is moving in for fall :( But it's okay cause our new place is bigger and nicer, but obviously nothing will beat this coziness..

  3. Okayyyyy freaking Pinterest house.