Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Good Ones

Just a quick tribute :)

I feel like life gives us little gifts along our path...some are small and fleeting while others find their place and stay. These ones, the ones that stay, are the most precious and life altering things I think I've ever found. The loyalty, the care, and the sacrifice is the kind to blow minds. People like this...hold onto them for dear life. They are the perfect sharers of happiness. The perfect cheerleader. The perfect  friends.

8th grade one of these gifts came into my life and hasn't left since.
This little gem right here.

Me and Ryan were talking the other day, trying to figure out who might be able to do a favor for us. We both had brainstormed through a bunch of people and then it dawned on me...duhhh. Rachel Smith. We both looked at each other and said at the same time... "She is the BEST." Then we started walking to class and I just started to think of all the things she has done for guys, the list was crazy long. There is no where that's fair to begin... but just to stay wedding, I know I've talked about it before, but she was there LITERALLY through everything. My dress, my invitations, my engagement picture outfits, my weird crafts, my pre-wedding santa barbara trip, engagement pictures, my wedding weekend...and a million other things. She came to see me when I got my wisdom teeth out. She checks in on me on the daily. She lets me live vicariously through her dating drama to make my life a little more exciting. She'll give me a straight answer no matter what. She lets me be unfiltered. She shares all of my happys and helps through all my sads. She's the only one I text about how much I need her in my life even when I saw her one day ago and she lives five blocks from me. She's the perfect wingman. This isn't even a piece of who she is for me. All I can say is I am DANG lucky to have this girl be in my life.

Hang on to the good ones my friends.

Tea time

 After my engagements in California 2013

 Cozy summer bike ride with snow cones and Bear

Slightly awkward photo, but I had to be included in the family photo obviously...

 Flash back to Cali trip 2009

Even further flashback...California trip of 2007

Rachel. You're dope. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Catching Up

So, here's the deal. We haven't had wifi for the past month and it has been....rough times! Who knew life was so hard without the internet! Anyway. That is why my posts have been lacking! So I'm going to give a quick update of the last month.

First good thing that happened...
If you don't know this lovely lady you should. She is a complete miracle. My sister. My party planning partner. Plus, she introduced me to my husband :) Could there be a more perfect friend? Be jealous. She's the most sunshiney person who ever walked the planet.

What's even better is she is my co-worker again! DREAMS DO COME TRUE, in case you didn't know. But, there's one problem. We take only terrible photos together and I don't think we've even taken any together since she's been home... which is ridiculous because we play every day, but here's some photos for a blast from the past...

Even more classic.

 Remember that one time you visited me in Hawai...yeah. Me too.

It was perfect.


Next good thing that happened:
My new family came into town and I rode a motorcycle for the first was ridiculously fun.

Yeahhhhh MOTORCYCLES!! I did it!

Sweet little lady.

 He spent all day in the water...even though it was freezing. He definitely reminded me of Mogley.

 Sweet pumpkin.

Next, Sam, Reagy and Duke came into town! For some reason I couldn't find one picture of Reagan from this whole trip, but she looked amazing and she was there! haha. It was a good snuggly time.

 I cannot handle how perfect this child is.

Just being dudes

 I gotta go long boarding with the boys!

 Sweet guys...

I also had a panic attack in the last little bit. I got my hair done and I went was done perfectly, but I freaked out just cause it was so contrasting to my bright blond hair! So a couple days later I had a friend of mine try and take it back came out an alien looking orange color. Haha it was just a little hard to look at. Then the next morning I had a lady try and fix it. She got it decently back to normal, but my roots were still orange. So three days later I went to my cousin Cami who just opened the cutest salon in Salt Lake called Kings Road Salon, and my hair fiasco came to a peaceful close. You guys...I'm a crazy lady.
I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the wonderful orange hair, but here's the dark!

During this whole mess we did get to go home...It was so magical. Santa Barbara is seriously unlike anywhere else. We did some boating and gotta spend some quality time with Ryan and my family. Seriously having our families live in the same time is a dream.
We got to do a little boating (no filter)

Gotta spend some last moments with this piece of perfection.

Then it was tea time with my lovely ladies. There is no time like tea time. I had been craving flower crowns for the LONGEST time and we finally got to make them. It was very romantic.

Me and Rach always enjoy being classy.

It could be an awkward family photo...

Making flower crowns is so romantic. 

It slowly gets weirder and weirder...

creepin in the treeees....

Lastly, school started!! And even though it crept up on me, a new semester always feels so fresh. Ryan and I are actually taking two classes together, plus one of them has Jamie, Daren, Andrea, and Miranda (My amazing cousins) in it. It is incredible. We take up a whole row!

And yes me and Ryan came to class wearing the same thing...embarrassing...

You guys this cozy fall in the air is blowing my mind. It's perfection. If it could just be this way forever....