Monday, May 1, 2017

Rosie's First Disneyland Visit!

Disney Magic is a Real Thing

  • The sweetest Disneyland worker man just walked up and gave Rosie a Mickey bubble machine for free! She literally spent the rest of the entire day chasing her own bubbles. It created a perfect heaven.
  • Vivian was 50th on the list for the Jedi training. We were all waiting anxiously. Kim standing there talking herself into the idea that it's okay if she doesn't make it. As they list off names, Kim is whispering comforting words to herself and then they call Vivienne Hirt!! There were two Disneyland worker girls standing next to us that go "YES! We were so hoping they'd call her!" and of course Kim was already balling by then. And to top it all off Viv got to fight Darth Vader not just his side kick and on the main stage no less!
  • The cars ride broke down right after everyone rode it!
  • The nicest ride manager of "Soarin" let us go in the Fast Pass lane even though we didn't have one!
  • Rosie and Vivi danced and twirled everywhere they went.
  • Rosie was never sad even without a nap! (Except the first five minutes of the first day, which was a scary start, but she was SO unreal after that.)
  • Rosie fell asleep in her stroller for the first time in her whole life!
  • We saw Mickey, Minnie and Goofy the second we walked into the park!
  • We made it by two minutes to the Princess Breakfast and got to meet SO many princesses!
  • Rosie wouldn't go to any of the princesses by herself because they scared her, but if she held Vivi's hand she would go to all of them!
  • When Rosie and I tested for what princess we were, we both got Ariel and Ariel was the only princess Rosie went to by herself!
  • Rosie danced for 15 minutes by herself with the Cars DJ car and dancers and just never stopped. It was an incredible show on her part!
  • There was literally no traffic every time we went to and from Disneyland!! THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN!!