Monday, March 17, 2014

Lady Trip

The girls in my family, we love to travel. But, for some reason we really can never get ourselves in the same place at the same time. So this winter we decided that we were just going to make it HAPPEN. No matter what it took. Of course we bounced around a million different locations, but eventually we decided we wanted something that would just be snuggly and cozy and provide optimal giggling time. So, naturally we chose to go to Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. They're only two hours away so we squeezed in both. Both towns are literally to most quaint and adorable things you will ever come across. So, we all buy our tickets and President's day weekend rolls around and we are all beyond excited and prepared to go and then...disaster after disaster strikes.

First, my sister Darci's flight got cancelled. Then mine and my sister Holly's flights got cancelled. Then my sister Reagan's flight got cancelled, she made it all the way to the airport before she found out and then didn't have a ride home or a house key. Then my sister Cubbie had to sit in an airport for a million hours missing a million stand-by flights. My sister Katherine was traveling with a newborn. And my sister Kim's spare car completely broke down, making it so they had to rent a car for her husband to use while she and my mom drove their car to meet us. It was looking a little grim...

But MIRACLES HAPPEN. After waiting on hold for two hours I was able to reschedule mine and Holly's flight. Darci got hers rescheduled after a million hour wait. Reagan got her flight rescheduled. Cubbie finally caught a plane. Katherine made it by without any intense baby freakouts. Mom and Kim drove safely. And two days later than originally planned we were all together!!

And then from there...all things were magical.
Georgia was obviously the star of the trip...she's incredible.
We got to visit the most incredible plantation in Charleston.
She's amazing.
Her name was written on the blackboard since we were in Savannah, Georgia so we couldn't resist the photo...
And of course she's the cutest again...
We took the most romantic historical carriage tour in Savannah...literally the most darling town you'll ever come across.
Her face though...
I'm obsessed.
 This was the home on the plantation... it was seriously a dream.
I may have gained ten pounds this trip because we ate the most DELICIOUS southern food nonstop...
Our hotel was on the beach and those white sands are breathtaking.

I encourage everryyyone to make it out there at some point. It's just too much magic to be missing out on! Also...girl trips are the bomb and I'll never love anyone like I love my sisters. Girls girls girls girls girls!