Sunday, January 26, 2014

Real Christmas Magic


This Christmas my sister was due to have her baby. All the rest of our family was gathering in Santa Barbara while Kath, Nick, and sweet Georgia were all the way in Boston. So, me, Ryan, and my brother Jimmie concocted a plan. Christmas Eve we flew to Boston and while they were out of the house we snuck in (with a key because Nick was in on it) and hid up in their perfect city loft apartment and snuggled on her bed. She walked in and me, Jimmie, and Ryan just chatted with one another like it ain't no thang and then she came upstairs, thinking the sound was from a family gchat from earlier in the day, and soon found us awaiting her arrival. It was the most majestically magical Christmas Eve I have ever been a part of.

Thank you so much Nick and Kath for letting us join you in your perfect home for the perfect Christmas.

I had an obsession with Katherine this trip. I think I stared at her 90% of it because she was literally the most angelic, petite, darling pregnant woman I have ever seen. I still can't get over it just thinking about it. 
 We also got to join in on the new Smith Family tradition of eating German food for Christmas Eve! Nick was telling us about the German way of cooking with this thing called a Raclette. As he's talking about it, Katherine comes around the corner with the a brand new Roclette as a Christmas gift for Nick...Come to find out, Nick had accidentally seen the gift so he bought everything to get ready to cook on it and then started telling us about it on purpose hoping Katherine would bring it out...It went perfectly according to his plan. Haha soo tricky Nick.

This is their perfectly romantic city's literally a dream home. It's two blocks away from the most amazing mall and a five minute walk to Nick's work. A city life dream.
Every day was completely majestic.

 We got to go to this little town called Rockport, which is where the movie "The Proposal" was filmed. We went inside and they had a little photo of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds walking right by this same building. The town was literally the most quaint and adorable place I think I've ever been.
Of course we had to make a stop at Fenway which is literally across the street from the school Katherine taught at.
Ryan of course had only one request for his Boston visit...throwing tea into the Boston Harbor...what a patriot.

We also got to visit Harvard, and who knew a university could be so beautiful! Every building was gorgeous brick. Even the student housing was amazing.
We hit up the famous Mike's Pastry. A Boston hotspot with the most delicious pastries on the planet.
 This is Salem...and this is the spot where they burned the people who were accused of being witches...
This is the Samantha from Bewitched!
 We also stopped by the beautiful Walden Pond. We had a little bit too much fun playing on the ice.
And of course Katherine again being too perfect to handle.
We also stopped by the tiny little cabin that Thoreau lived in.
 We also got to celebrate this hottie's 30th birthday! 
And we walked all up and down and through the city...every single piece of it was amazing.
 Kath obsession continued...
 We stopped by this crazy old graveyard and got to see some famous gravestones. This one is John Hancock. Ryan was very excited about it.
It was literally the most perfect trip anyone could have ever dreamed of, except for the fact that I have yet to meet this perfect angel. She was born the day after we left. Regardless of how hard we tried to make her come, she insisted on waiting. But, it's okay. It will only make the day we meet that much sweeter. I can already tell we're going to be best friends. I love you Georgia.
 It was the most magical Christmas I've ever had. Thanks Nick and Kath.

Santa Barbara

Going backwards real quick...We got to spend a few days in Santa Barbara before we cruised to Boston and here are some highlights of that coziness.
 Three most perfect human beings ever.
 Amazing humans. Who I want to squeeze always.
 Sweetest most perfect boy to have ever been born.
 Hot surfer dudes.
 Karaoke madness of incredible passion.
 My perfect sisters in law who are the hottest and most incredible and make me feel crazy because I'm so grateful they get to be mine.


And finally, it was mine and Ryan's first Christmas together. So we got to decorate our home and of course take some family Christmas pictures (Taken by my cousin Andrea Ann)!!
Our little home.
Stockings made by my sweet Aunt Kaye.
I hope you all had a perfectly cozy and magical Christmas.