Friday, June 29, 2012

Ohh the lovely weeks summer brings...

I’ve had a good couple of weeks.

Last week I decided I should probably start my job hunt because my internship was winding down. I ended up applying to four different places, not really expecting anything to come of the applications, but that day I received a few phone calls. I ended up scheduling an interview everyday for the rest of the week…I interviewed for the first two and got offered them both, but when I got to the third interview I realized I REALLY wanted that job. An hour after the interview I HAD THE JOB OFFER (blessings of paying your tithing)! I was SO excited. So, I didn’t bother with the last interview. 

Within this already fantastic week, everything happy kept happening!

Tuesday, I got a surprise visit from Ry guy…After just getting off the phone with him, talking about how he’s in bed…he shows up in my office. I literally was completely stunned and speechless and started with “How did you get in here?” What a pleasant greeting after hours of driving. He left a chocolate shake for me (they’re my favorite) and it took me about ten minutes to stop staring at my computer (I was in shock. Totally surprised). Then we hit up the bowling alley (another favorite). 

Wednesday, my brother and sister-in-law came into town and we hit up the rodeo!! It was magic. I forget how nice it is to have them around. Fashion and vacation talk with Reagy and nerd talk with Sam. Ahh I wish they lived by me.

Thursday, my glorious parentals came into town. We went out to lunch for my bro-in-law NickyJam’s birthday at Red Rock in SLC and it was suuuper cozy. Then we got to celebrate with a dinner and as Nick’s about to blow out the candles, everything goes silent and Kath yells “YEAH MOM” meaning to say nick. Hahaha best birthday moment by far.

I get home that night and Sam and Reagan gave both Dad’s their father’s day gifts…they hand them envelopes and say “there’s a little variety so you can decide which one you want” both dads open and ULTRASOUND PICS ARE REVEALED!! THEY’RE HAVING A BABBBYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been BUGGING Reagan beyond belief for years…I’m sure she’s so relieved to have me off her back. I bet that’s why they’re having the kid.

Friday, I got to have dinner with my snuggly best friend/cousin couple (and cousins/friends) at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building…food was delicious and peeps were the moniest. Then we all went for a midnight swim at the Beifuss’s. Nothing but perfection.

Saturday we went swimming at the B’s house again, with the whole brown/nelson clan this time. My lovely parents had to depart (pure sadness), but to lift our moods us ladies played lots of yahtzee and obviously went roller-blading! Kath’s blades were blowin it so we shared and it was the most ridiculous/hottest sight you’d ever see. We were all in a line, just holding onto each other for dear dear life.

Sunday, my bestie Maddi Henneman turned 20! We had a western themed party and all dressed up. Maddi obviously dominated her piƱata and we ate the most spiritual ice cream cake I’ve ever experienced.

I then ventured home to be cozy and roast mallows with my big bro Sam.

This most recent weeks has been a blurrrr…it went by soo so fast!!!!!!

Wednesday me and my girls dressed up like grandmas...went bowling and I won (obviously). 

Sam=Stella Maddi=Rozz Me=Cece Lex=MaryLu 
and then we went to walmart and got the BEST looks from people. 

and today is my official last day of my internship with Coltrin & Associates. I will for sure miss that place.

BUT NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE!!! And I couldn’t be more excited about it. May all your weeks be as lovely as mine :)


Friday, June 15, 2012

And it begins...

I’ve been meaning to start a blog now for a reeal long time, I just never found the time. But, this last month a whole lot of love pushed me in the right direction. One of my best friends Emma got married to her giant and lovely boy Patrick. My glorious sister Katherine got hitched to her hilarious and unreal man, Nickybear. And my best friend in the whole universe, little Rachel, just got engaged to her crazy mann Jason, who just so happens to also be my cousin. Fantasyland.

Witnessing so many miracles of love was obviously brilliant and enchanting, but a slight sadness tagged along with it. All this love surrounds me now, but very soon it won’t be so close. Everyone’s lives are leading them in their own directions and these moments we all get to share with the ones we love are sadly fleeting. I decided that these moments can’t just be faded memories. They must be properly remembered as the vibrant experiences they were and never be forgotten. I am going to make sure of it. But these moments aren’t the only thing I want to blog for. From here on out, this is my connection point. Everyone far and near that I love dearly, will never have to feel disconnected. This is my love hub. So PLEASE join in my celebration of life, happiness and a lot of crazy!

Here are my lovelys that brought me to my new realization…

My hot sister Kath

Lovely little Ray

Sweet little Emma boo