Monday, October 7, 2013

Cousins & Conference

This weekend was one of the good ones. Conference weekend always is, but this one was especially good. It started off perfect, with a cozy dinner with my papa who was in town for a quick trip. It was the first time I think ever that me and Ryan got to be with just him and it felt so good. It was really snuggly and real quality time :)

Then Saturday we ventured to Ryan's brothers' place and had some delicious french toast casserole that Tyler made and we watched conference with Ty and Cart.

Next, naturally, to DI we went. Got some $$$ blades for Ryan and a hot shirt...and bladed till the next session started.

That night we got surprised with a four cousin sleepover and a midnight cousin party!! Jesse, Taylor, Kelly, and Andrea all stayed the night, but Miranda and Mckenna partied with us till bed time came.

Then we had cousin waffles in the morning (I may or may not have turned on Christmas music and made people dance with me--I don't care that's it's October, when I feel magic in my body it means Christmas time.)

Then we watched conference and as conference went on, more and more beautiful people showed up. Andrea, Tyler and Carter came over and then Daren and Alyse. It was perfect.

We took an afternoon walk before the next session.
 Andrea Ann took some cozy photos of the rest of the day...
 cruising the streets of Provo...
I made friends with this guy, we have so much in common it's creepy..mostly just that we get really competitive when it comes to swinging.
Alyse has a strange addiction/infatuation with's interesting to watch...

And then ended the day with the most perfect motorcycle ride up the Canyon. (All photos by the amazing Andrea Ann Photography... check her out at )

Cousin time=Perfection.
The leaves up the canyon are crazy amazing right now.
 Andrea caught me throwin my I<3U, (I look so hardcore huh)
 Isn't he dreamy?
 Oh yeah...Daren planted a tree...
And climbed them...
 And tree lover...
Leaf lover...
 Classic family photo...
 I love this boy. More than anything.
 Okay...quick blurb. Andrea and I have been cousins our whole lives obviously, but have never really been in the same place at the same time long enough to really get to know each other, but over even just the last month...I think I found my soulmate. It has been AMAZING having this girl in my life. And I had no idea how much we had in common. This girl is RAD. I'm so glad I get her for eternity.
 Andrea and I...doing our thing...normal stuff.
 Cool guy
 My guy
 I promise he does like me...
 It was a good weekend.


  1. you're the prettiest homosapien in the entire galaxy. double date me.

  2. AMANDA! I'm obsessed with you. I will double date you right here right now. Let's do it.