Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Long Few Weeks

Do you ever feel like your life is sprinting full speed ahead and you're barely keeping up? I feel like the past few months have kind of been like that. I finally hit that point where I can sit down and not feel anxious...and it is feeling real good.

This past semester was a little crazy for me. I was working full time and taking a full load of classes along with reporting for BYU's newspaper so I felt slightly frantic most of the time. Right before the end of finals a few weeks ago, I found out my grandfather had passed away. Knowing the condition of my grandpa this was really a wonderful thing, but of course losing someone is never a happy thing. But, lucky for me, my brother Fred's graduation and my cousin Daren's wedding was that weekend so I was able to see all of my family. Their love and support can literally cure anything. Just seeing them is enough. We all got to go out to dinner for my brother's graduation, but the next morning my dad went to the emergency room. I've never experienced either of my parent's actually being for reals sick. I mean the flu or a broken bone sure, but seeing by dad go in there for the real stuff got real, real fast. 

Daren's Wedding

My dad wasn't able to attend Daren's wedding, but it was really a beautiful event. I think I stared at Daren's face for three hours straight. He was just SO happy. It was so cozy to watch. We visited my dad that evening and it was clear he wasn't leaving anytime soon. 

The Blessing

The next day we all got to gather for Georgia's baby blessing. It was the most beautiful blessing I think I've ever attended. The house was just flooded with loved ones.  

The Funeral

The next day everyone headed to Santa Barbara for my grandpa's funeral and my sister Darci's wedding, but me and Ryan and my brother Jimmie were home for a few more days so we were able to sit with my dad and get some real quality time in, which was actually really refreshing. There's not much time anymore to sit and just talk with my Dad just because every time we get together now, five thousand people are around. That was really special for us. Then we had to leave for the events and it just felt so weird leaving my Dad behind. But, by this time the doctor confirmed he was going to be okay, which was a little comforting, but it didn't make up for the fact that my whole family was going to be together and my Dad was going to be stuck in a different state. 
My Grandpa's funeral was beautiful. I was doing so good until my cousin Taylor stood up. As he spoke I just lost it. And then of course all of us girl cousins get up to sing "Homeward Bound" and I lose it even more. We ventured to the burial site and because of my grandpa's time in the Navy, they played Taps…there isn't a more beautiful song. It was really wonderful.

The Rehearsal Dinner

After we celebrated my Grandpa Dean's life it was time to celebrate Darci and Mike! We had their rehearsal dinner at the beach which of course was perfect. 

Darci's Wedding

The next day we got to watch Darci walk down the aisle. My papa wasn't able to make it to walk her down the aisle, which was really hard to be okay with, but my four brother's each walked her down part of the aisle and it didn't make up for it, but it definitely made it special. The ambiance was perfect. We were encircled by these beautiful vines and the aisle began and ended with these beautiful flowered wooden arches. My brother Jimmy officiated and hearing him talk about Darci and Mike could not have been more perfect and special. I got to sit in a spot where I got to watch Darci's face and she was glowing: completely stunning and happy. The day was perfect. We obviously danced the night away and I'm so stoked that I get Mike as my brother now. It was especially a special day because it was the same day and place Ryan and I had a reception one year prior so we got to celebrate our marriage with Mike and Darci's! And we are SO excited for the future anniversary trips we will be taking :)

The Birthday

To top it all off my husband Ryan turned 24 the next day and there's nothing he loves more than 'Merica. So we appropriately celebrated. 

It was a really long bitter sweet couple of weeks. But, I found out that no matter what hard things we have to go through, our family will always be enough to get us through it.

I'm so grateful for the bunch I've been given.

Happy Spring Everyone :)